Katrin Padel

Lighting Designer

I am a Lighting Designer primarily based in the south-east of England.

Passionate about exploring the intersections between technically accurate, contextually relevant and aesthetically beautiful, I endeavour to create well-balanced, high quality lighting designs for every project, regardless of scale. I studied at Rose Bruford, graduating with a first class degree in Lighting Design, and am a member of the Association of Lighting Designers.

I'm interested in balancing creative and technical skills, so I also hold a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Interested? Get in touch.

I'm always interested in exploring new projects, so feel free to contact me on the email address below.



Infinite Space Theatre

Playwright William Shakespeare

Director Nick Hastings

Designers David & Jo Eggleton Rance

Lighting Designer Katrin Padel

Sound Designer Simon Slater

In this modern retelling of Macbeth by Infinite Space Theatre, set in the City, Macbeth became Head of Equities in The Royal Bank of Dunsinane. Macbeth explored themes of ambition, prophecy and greed behind closed doors.

Performance dates 10th – 26th October 2013

Venue Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone

Tim Colmans
Tim Colmans
"The simple and versatile set ... combined with inventive lighting ... keep[s] everything visually exciting"
Karl O'DohertyBargain Theatre Land
Tim Colmans
Tim Colmans

"The lighting ... [is] well-crafted, and perfectly managed"
Everything Theatre
Tim Colmans
Tim Colmans
Tim Colmans